Online & Mobile Banking Down for Updates

When the new system is up on the 17th, your login credentials will be different. Your username will be the same, but your password will be reset to the last 6 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number. Upon logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to:

  1. Review & accept online banking terms & conditions.
  2. Change your password.
  3. Verify your identity & login attempt with 2-factor authentication – phone or email.
  4. Set up 5 security questions & answers.

If you have trouble logging in once the new system is back up, you have options for support. In addition to our regular staff who will be available for extra hours, we have enlisted a call center to answer reset questions and troubleshoot other online and mobile banking issues that may arise with our conversion.

  • Call or Text (918) 245-1301
Scheduled Bill PaymentsRecurring and one-time bill payments that are scheduled to happen on or after the 16th will still be made. They should all pull over into the new system and you will be able to see and adjust them in the new online banking interface. Please double-check and make sure they are set as you intended. If something is missing after the conversion, please let us know.  Also, while scheduled payments will pull over, you will no longer see the history of payments made prior to conversion in the bill pay tab. That information can still be accessed through your online banking transaction history.
Scheduled Account TransfersRecurring and one-time transfers that are scheduled to happen on or after the 16th will still be made. All scheduled transfers should pull over into the new system. Please double-check they are set as you intended when you log in to the new system.
Account AlertsCurrent account alerts via text or email, such as daily balance reminders and transaction alerts, will not be pulled over into the new system. If you want to continue to receive a daily balance text alert or receive a notification when a check clears, or a transaction over a specific dollar amount happens, you will need to set those up again after the 17th. Check out our Alerts page for instructions to set up account alerts in the new online banking system:
E-statementsElectronic statements will only be available in the desktop or browser interface of online banking after the 17th. We expect to have e-statements available in the mobile App in September. The most recent 18 months of previous e-statements will be available online after the conversion. If you need a specific month’s statement that is prior to what is available, please contact us.
Money Manager & BudgetsIf you set a budget or savings goal in Money Manger inside online banking, they will not pull over into the new system after the upgrade. The new Money Manager for budgeting, spend tracking, account aggregation, and personal financial management is much more robust than the previous version and is very user-friendly to set up and use.
Mobile DepositMobile deposit history from deposits made prior to August 16th will not pull over with the upgrade. You will still see that those transactions happened when viewing your account overview and can search for specific items, amounts, and dates. However, you will not see the listing of previously-made mobile deposits inside the app.
Join Account LoginsAfter conversion, members with joint accounts will login using their existing usernames. Passwords will be set to the last six digits of the primary account holder’s social security number.

Members with joint accounts should continue to see linked accounts when logged in to the new online banking platform. If any previously linked accounts are not showing after the upgrade, please contact us.

QuickBooks & QuickenAccount aggregation services through QuickBooks Online and Quicken could be disrupted for up to 5 days post-conversion. However, some connection types will be back up on the 17th after reconnecting your account. Please read more for QuickBooks connection types and reconnection instructions.

Check out the new features and updates inside Online Banking – we’re excited to offer you a more robust system with an easy-to-use interface. Click here to read about our upgrades including Credit Sense, Zelle, enhanced security and more: