Account Alerts in Online Banking are an easy way to keep track of your accounts!

Set alerts to text or email you when:

  • Your balance drops below (or grows above) a specific amount
  • A direct deposit posts
  • An ATM withdrawal or debit transaction exceeds a specific amount
  • A check has cleared
  • A withdrawal exceeds a specific amount
  • You’ve received a secure message from the Credit Union

You can also set a balance reminder via text or email to alert you of your current balances daily.

To set an alert inside online banking with Green Country FCU,

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click on the 3 dots next to the account you want the alert on and select ‘Alerts’ -or-
    Click on the account name/number you want the alert on to open the Account Details page
  3. Select the alert you’d like
  4. Select the account the alert should apply to
  5. Select the delivery method – text or email

*At this time, alerts can only be set in the online banking desktop interface, not in the mobile app.

Online Banking Dashboard Green Country FCU screenshot
Online Banking Dashboard with 3 dots exposed menu for actions
Once logged in to Green Country FCU's Online Banking, click on your account details and you'll see the option for alerts
To set an alert inside online banking with Green Country FCU, selected which alert you'd like then the acocunt you want the alert to apply to, and the method of delivery - text or email