A Checklist to Prepare for Natural Disasters

In light of hurricane season approaching (along with Hurricane Ian), we’re sharing this checklist along with other resources from the CFPB to help you prepare your finnancial and account information. As we know in Oklahoma natural disasters such as floods, tornados and ice storms can affect every aspect of your life. Please take a look through this checklist to help you keep track of documents, files, account numbers, customer service numbers and more.


Start or keep building your savings

Being prepared financially might mean having an emergency savings fund. With a cash cushion, you could potentially weather a storm without taking on expensive debt. If you use a credit card or take out a loan to pay for unexpected expenses, your one-time emergency expense may grow significantly larger than your original bill because of interest and fees. Using tools such as Money Manager inside online banking can help you set savings goals and keep track of expenses. Learn more today.

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