UPDATE Sept. 17, 2021

As long as you’ve pre-registered for the Savvy Senior webinar, you’ll have access to the recording until Sept. 24th – you should have a link emailed to you.

Here are the key takeaways we noted from the event:

  1. Get started now!
    • It’s hard to catch up
    • Setting aside a little bit is better than none at all
  2. Take advantage of technology
    • Lots of free ways to track and access your money
    • Mobile Alerts let you stay on top of things
    • Bill pay helps you not miss any bills
    • Online statements help cut down on fraud
  3. Uitilize your financial advisor as much as possible
    • Don’t just meet once and forget about it, follow up, make updates/changes
    • And if you’re looking for an advisor, you can research on FINRA.org, review past performance
    • Ask friends and relatives who they use
  4. Plan ahead as much as possible
    • Talk to your family about end of life concerns/plans
    • Now’s the time to gather documents, get a little organized
  5. Government Websites
    • When it comes to Social Security and Medicare – do the research. Get online, ask questions, do comparisons to find out which situation is best for you.
    • SSA.gov
    • Medicare.gov
    • Healthcare.gov

Need help? If you don’t have someone you already talk to about this, then use BALANCE. BALANCE is a nonprofit service that Green Country has teamed up with to provide you much needed financial advise and education. Visit BALANCE now! https://greencountryfcu.balancepro.org


Join us for a free educational webinar focusing on retirement concerns. Attendees will learn about managing money, Medicare, Social Security, improving cash flow, insurance, investing, estate planning, and more.

Register to attend in advance to be sure you receive your personalized attendance link. Also, as long as you’re registered, you’ll have access to the broadcast recording for 7 days after the live event so you can watch it on your time – pause, share, rewatch – whatever you need.


Thursday, September 16th
7:30 p.m.