There is now a fee to use Message Pay for paying your Green Country loan from another financial institution account. If you pay your Green Country loan from a Green Country account, you will not see this fee. It only applies when making a one-time payment from an outside account.

Beginning September 4, 2023, there will be a $4.99 fee to make payments to your Green Country loan using Message Pay text service from another financial institution account.

Text alerts and payment reminders will continue to be free.

Message Pay is a quick, easy, mobile payment portal and alert notification system that does two things:

  1. Send you monthly alerts reminding you of your upcoming payment
  2. Send you a text link to make a payment to your Green Country loan from any non-Green Country account by text or in a web browser (mobile or desktop)

All Green Country members with an active personal loan and a mobile phone should receive a text message allowing you to utilize Message Pay, unless you have opted out.

*If you pay your Green Country loan from your Green Country account, you will not see a Message Pay fee as your payment occurs outside of the Message Pay system.

What if I want to pay from another financial institution but I don’t want to pay the $4.99 fee? You have options:

  • Setup bill pay from your non-Green Country account – you can pay us just like your electric or water bill.
  • Setup a recurring ACH debit – start the form here:
  • Mail in or bring a check to one of our branches or a shared branch location

Message Pay Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to keep receiving Message Pay text alerts but I want to pay from my Green Country checking account? You can choose to receive the payment reminders from Message Pay, just ignore the link for payment that is sent via text. You’ll still need to log in to Online Banking to make a transfer to your loan account or use another payment method (in branch, mail, or phone).

You can also set email and text alerts from Online Banking to help you remember payment dates. Log in to Online Banking, and select “Self Service”. Under Alerts you can set an Alert or Reminder. If you don’t see the options for mobile alerts, go to Mobile Banking under Additional Services and add your mobile device.

What if I don’t want to pay by text or receive the alerts?  You can opt out of the text messaging service by replying ‘STOP’ when you receive a text message from Message Pay.

I opted out of Message Pay texts but I’d like to sign up. The easiest way to sign up is to text ‘START’ to 918-995-4508. You can also call or text member services at (918) 245-1301 during business hours and we can help you sign up. If you’re more comfortable on your computer, go to and select ‘Make a Loan Payment’

How can I pay my loan account via text message? When you receive a text reminder, you respond “Pay” to the same text. You will be asked to enter your pin to verify your account, once you have completed this process your payment will be complete and you should receive a confirmation text. You will have to set up a 4-digit pin and preferred method of payment prior to using text payments. There is a $4.99 fee to make a payment using Message Pay.

I received a text message for my Green Country loan to make a payment. Now what? First-time users, click on the link. You’ll be prompted to verify your account with your loan account number and date of birth. You’ll then be prompted to set up

  1. A 4-digit PIN: this is how you’ll verify future payments
  2. A preferred method of payment: You can add a debit card or bank account from an external financial institution.

Once verified, you’ll be directed to the Message Pay portal where you’ll see your Green Country loans and be able to select your preferred payment method. You can make a payment on this screen or reply to the payment reminder text with the word “Pay”. There is a $4.99 fee to make a payment through Message Pay.

Can I pay by text with Message Pay from my Green Country account? No. Message Pay is for paying your Green Country loan from another financial institution account.

Can I make payments online or do I have to use the text service? Absolutely. You can use Message Pay online to pay your Green Country personal loan from another financial institution At click on “Make a Payment” or go to: There is a $4.99 fee to make a payment using Message Pay.

Can I set up a recurring payment from another institution to my Green Country loan? Yes. You can set up a recurring ACH auto-debit from another institution by submitting our ACH form online or call/text us at (918) 245-1301 to set it up.

Is there a fee to use Message Pay? Yes for payments.

  • Monthly alerts and payment reminders are free.
  • There is a $4.99 fee to make your payment with Message Pay.

If I opt out of receiving text messages, will I still be able to pay my loans online? Yes. Opting out of text messages will unenroll you from receiving text notifications and payment reminders and you will not be able to make a payment via text message unless you opt in.

But that text service does not remove your ability to pay online.

What are my options to pay from my Green Country account? To pay any Green Country loan online from your Green Country FCU checking or savings account:

  • ONLINE: Login to Online Banking (, click Login) and make or schedule a transfer (one-time or recurring) from your payment account to your loan account
  • IN PERSON: Visit any Green Country FCU branch or any Co-Op Shared Branch or any Credit Union Service Center
  • MAIL: Mail a check to 202 E. Morrow Rd., Sand Springs, OK 74063
  • PHONE:
    • Member Services: During business hours, text or call (918) 245-1301.
    • Anytime Voice Banking: Available24/7. Call (877) 435-4370, select 3 for Transaction Activity, then follow the prompts to make a payment. You will need your member number and PIN to use the anytime voice banking line.