HOW TO: Fold Bunny Money

This is a wonderful idea for an Easter basket, or to give older kids who feel they are too old for Easter baskets.

Bunny Money - Crafty Journal




Crisp, New Dollar Bill (or any other denomination)

Wiggly Eyes (Optional – but it looks more bunny-like with them)

Small Pink Circle  (Card stock, construction paper, or craft foam)

Double Sided Tape

How to Fold Easy Bunny Money.

1. Lay the dollar bill face up.  Fold the bottom edge up to about the middle of the row of bright green numbers on the upper right part of the bill. Crease sharply.


2. Fold the top edge down so it is even with the fold at the bottom of the bill. Crease sharply.


3. Fold the dollar bill in half from side to side, making sure all edges are even. Crease sharply in the middle.

Unfold the last fold.


4. Fold the right side up so the bottom edge touches the center line fold. Crease sharply.


5. Fold the left side up the same way so there is no large gap between the edges, and the top edges are even.


6. Fold the left top corner on the left side to the center as shown.



Repeat with the other ear.


7. In the center of each ear, pinch the edges together and crease just in the middle – between where the thumb and finger are.


8. Turn the bunny money over.

9.Using double sided tape, put a small pink circle at the point.


10. Use double sided tape to add 2 wiggly eyes close together, just above the pink circle.


The bunny money is ready to hide in an Easter basket. Or slip into a card.


I prefer the bunny money made with the back side of the bill showing, as George’s face is a bit distracting when the front side of a dollar bill is used.