Our online banking and mobile banking Apps employ a host of solutions to keep your money safe and ensure that online validated members login.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our Login steps for Online and Mobile Banking have a wealth of security measuers in place “behind the scenes” that keeps your information secure and protected. Additionally, we require multi-factor authentication to login and to move money. This allows your login attempt to be authenticated via an automated voice call or a text message (you select) that delivers a one-time passcode to start your online banking session.

Security Questions

All those security questions you set up when you start your online banking or mobile banking account, also provide additional layers of security for you accounts.

security question screenshots online banking Green Country FCU
security question screenshots mobile banking app Green Country FCU

What makes our payments products and services safe? In addition to educating our employees and you, our members, we use multiple protocols and features to help protect the integrity of your information.

Digital Bill Payments

  • Fraud-Detection and Monitoring Systems
    A multi-layered automatic system that monitors all aspects of outgoing digital bill payments. If suspicious activity is detected, the payment is flagged and reviewed by fraud analysts.
  • Enhanced Activity Controls
    With a network of thousands of FIs that can anonymously report on fraud data, each report makes the system smarter as it tracks consumer history and behaviors and looks out for any fraud telltale signs across all transactions
  • IP Reputation-Based Controls
    Security systems in place can detect IP addresses that are suspected to be associated with fraudulent activities and block them from connecting to financial institution servers

Account-to-Account Transfers

  • Real-Time Account Verification
    Ability to verify external accounts through instant and real-time verification.
  • Industry-Leading Risk Management
    Provided by our core provider, protects you with fraud prevention and risk monitoring.

Zelle Payments

  • Real-Time Data Enrichment
    External and internal data is gathered and sourced in order to improve fraud detection and reduce false positives.
  • Robotic Process Automation
    Automated actions help stop mule activity and can perform link analysis and fraud suspensions.
  • Mature, Flexible Risk Systems
    This is a risk and product roadmap that keeps pace with ever-changing fraud patterns.

Money Manager

  • Secure Portal for Financial Data
    A secure place for you to share their information to third-party applications, while simplifying the complexities of an expanding aggregation market.
  • Protect Accountholder Data
    Keeps all customers’ information safe within our firewall and won’t require you to share credentials with third-party applications to connect their account.
  • VerifyNow
    Reduces fraud with real-time verification and authentication of account ownership, status and consumer identity.