Cheap Summer Fun

Want to have fun this summer but your budget’s not quite where it needs to be for a big vacation? We have a couple of budget-friendly summer bucket list ideas just for you!

  1. Check Groupon and LivingSocial.This time of year, local recreational businesses post stunning deals on family activities. You can find discounts up to 75% on theme park tickets, outdoor adventures, and concerts. If there is an activity you’ve been wanting to try, avoid paying pay full price by searching for these deals.
  2. Mobile Scavenger Hunt. Grab another family (or two or three) and create a scavenger hunt of local attractions, monuments, or points of interest. Then pile into your cars and see which group can find all of the locations first! The losing family buys ice cream!
  3. Organize a Neighborhood Clean-Up. Get your neighbors together and plan a neighborhood, park or river clean-up. You’ll get some exercise and social time while helping the environment.
  4. Host A Cartoon Movie Marathon. Invite your family and friends to spend an afternoon or evening watching 2 or 3 family-friendly movies. Make it a potluck to save money on take-out. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  5. Build a Giant Box Fort. Gather all your old, empty boxes and design a giant box fort that the whole family can enjoy. Create hangout spaces and mazes, or even host a sleepover in it. Search “cardboard forts” on for some great ideas.
  6. Create a Water Blob. Use plastic sheeting and Duct Tape to create a “blob” that can be filled with water. Kids can bounce, slide and roll around on the blob while staying cool on those hot summer days.
  7. Make Homemade Ice Cream. Beat the heat by making your own ice cream. Find easy recipes online that you can customize for everyone’s tastes. Then the fun starts. Invite some friends over to do a taste test, or create a sundae bar with lots of toppings.

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