A little help after your new (or used) car purchase

We get it, buying a car (new or used) is expensive! In addition to the cost of the car, there’s tag, tax, and title, sometimes new tires, tinted windows or even a heavy duty bed liner. That’s why we have the Extras loan. It’s a $1,500 personal loan paid available to you in the first 30 days after you finance your car with Green Country.

How it Works

You tell us you want the Extras loan, we send you a form to sign via email (or in person at a branch if you prefer).

There’s no additional credit pull – we already know you.

Once processed we deposit the $1,500 into your new Green Country FCU checking account and mail you a debit card.

You’ll receive a welcome letter soon after with payment information.


Loan Amount: $1,599

Annual Interest Rate: 9.99% APR

Loan Period: 18 months

Loan Payment: $100

Loan Fee: $99

To be eligible you must have financed an auto loan with Green Country FCU within the last 30 days.

Sign Up

Or call/text (918) 245-1301 and ask for Brandy, Zoey or Heather.

Fine print: Only one “Extras” loan per person; Funds must be deposited into a Green Country FCU checking account. This offer is available only to the primary loan holder within 90 days of your auto purchase financed by Green Country FCU. If requesting the “Extras” personal loan more than 90 days after your car purchase, a new credit pull may be required. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to change.